The place for people who love cooking and the outdoors

This website is all about making the most of your time outdoors with friends and family. My job is to provide inspiration and curate information for you. In this regard, your feedback is essential and is most welcome. Please feel to drop a comment anytime.

The place for people who love cooking and the outdoors - Cooking bacon at the 2015 NEHHA Winter Hang in Chesterfield, Mass.

What will you find here?

Lifting the lid on Dutch oven meatloaf

Dutch Oven Cooking

Camp cooking isn’t limited to hamburgers and hot dogs. I’ll show you how to cook amazing food at your campsite without electricity or fancy kitchen appliances. Did you know you can make just about anything with a cast iron pot and a bag of charcoal? I’ll show you how make roasts, poultry, seafood, pasta, cakes, pie, soups, side dishes and more. My recipes feature readily available ingredients that you’re likely to find in small-town grocery stores near your favorite campsites. Every cooking video includes a downloadable PDF recipe.

1960HikerDude on the Summit of Mt. Liberty.

Outdoor Adventures

I am very fortunate to live in an incredibly diverse region with four distinct seasons. This provides us endless possibilities for outdoor excursions. Over the past four decades, I’ve traveled extensively in New England and beyond seeking adventure. Although I am a little older and slower now, I still make time to get outdoors. My goal is to create an immersive multi-media experience that is the next best thing to being there. I enjoy sharing my hiking, paddling and hammock camping adventures with you.

Slicing beef brisket

Commitment to Excellence

I don’t have a film crew. It’s just me, my camera and some very basic gear. I strive to eliminate camera shake, minimize unwanted background noise and get you as close to the action as possible. I bring a strong work ethic and passion for perfection to my work. I’m still learning video. But, I continually strive to perfect my craft and bring you the best possible content that my resources will allow. I promise to never settle for “good enough.” There are always new things to learn and ways to improve.

Tom teaching Dutch oven cooking

Who is 1960HikerDude?

My real name is Tom Swenson, an avid outdoor enthusiast living in North Central Massachusetts. I’ve been into Dutch oven cooking for about 10 years. I enjoy sharing recipes and teaching this wonderful hobby to others. I am especially passionate about helping beginners.

My other passion is digital media. I have been producing digital content since 1995, professionally since 1999 at a local media property. Recent years have seen rapid development in broadband Internet, social media, video sharing and and point-of-view videography. These technologies provide exciting opportunities to create and share engaging content with my fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Most importantly, this website is all about making the most of your time outdoors with friends and family.

This site is about more than great food and scenic vistas. At its very core it’s about getting outdoors with friends and family and enjoying life. I publish a new video every Thursday. So grab your favorite beverage, kick back, relax and enjoy the site.

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